Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution of
Monteávila University

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The Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution of Monteavila University was founded by the initiative of renowned Venezuelan and foreign University's professors and experts linked to the Monteávila University, Andrés Bello Catholic University and the IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración), in order to promote the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution as an effective tool to reduce conflict, that is often linked to our professional and personal relationships; as well as actively fight the judicial and institutional crisis that surrounds our judicial system.

The Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution thus presents various research tools and academic and professional training, aimed primarily at developing effective methods of risk and conflict management, and the promotion of alternative means to judicial litigation for the resolution of disputes by inviting the parties involved in conflict to use them and actively participating and promoting the training of arbitrators, mediators and negotiators.

The Research and Studies Centre for Dispute Resolution may be appointed by any person or institution as appointing authority, to designate arbitrators, negotiators, mediators, conciliators, judges, or any authority to resolve the conflicts agreed by the parties.